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Online social networking has become a very popular way of communicating, sharing, and learning in the new millennium. Its importance is embedded in American culture because nearly half of the adult population uses online social networking. The internet has a variety of options, though some have different features each is designed to connect multiple individuals regardless of where they reside. Online social networking may occur through cellular phones, computers, and even video game consoles. In today’s day and age most have technology at their fingertips and will use it in many different forms. Some of the most popular social networking sites are Facebook and twitter. Most Americans have at least one of these two types of social networking. Technology has provided this form of social media for many different reasons, connecting family’s, or even for uses in the business world. This is the form of social networking used throughout the entire world.
Facebook is becoming the new way on how to stay in contact with everyone. Facebook started by Mark Zuckerberg who was attending Harvard as a creative way for students to review other student’s photos attractiveness. The University turned it off, but it became a template for what the entire world recognize and use as Facebook. Facebook is a social network site for people to connect globally and share photos, information, and stay connected. When first developed, young adults were the main users but Facebook membership age group is presently ranging from age 10 to infinity. Similar to online dating, adults were at first hesitant about joining or admitting to be a member but as Facebook’s popularity grew, so did the acceptance of everyday way to stay connected with family and friends. The cultural significance of Facebook is that it may be used as a tool for job hunting. In…...

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