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Turn of the Screw- The Sightings

| The Tower pg. 15-16 | Context | “ it would be..” Quote she is out walking thinking about the master and bragging about herself | Style | We must ask ourselves does she really see the man? “as definite as a picture in a frame”(16)refers to art- its as true as a storysomething someone perceives but its not actually there | Effect (16) | Intense stare Sexual ConnectionSilence, absence of soundSound and sight are 2 senses that are heightened |

| The Man pg. 19-23 | Context | Thinking about milesDazzed by their lovelinessShe does not attend churchDark, rainy | Style | Describing Peter QuintNever mentions hes a ghostReally wants to see this manMasters Clothes Red Hair, No Hat – she says he’s not a gentleman and perhaps he stole the masters clothing | Effect | Uncertain about what she’s sayingShow how untrustworthy she isQuestions he reliability | ** we see that the governess writes herself as a heroic person throughout this scene greatly, but then plays a different role

| The Water pg. 28-29 | Context | Peaceful, quiet, “suddenly”Mrs. Jessel appears Flora’s reaction of no reaction actually sets her reaction | Style | Clear, concise and very detailed description | Effect (27) | Quick shift on changeIn a state of tension Calm to the whole settingComing to expect these citings |

| Flora pg. 68-70 | Context | Outside searching for FloraFlora took boatMiles played role of distractionGoverness believes that flora could not have done this | Style | Thankful/ excited there was justification to her madnessMrs. Grosse had a strange and lookFlora gets angry at governessGoverness gives up on Flora | Effect |…...

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