On Jane Austen’s Point of View of Marriage in

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On Jane Austen’s Point of View of Marriage in
Pride and Prejudice


This thesis has finally come into being to meet critical eyes through two months of hard work. From the very beginning when I chose the topic till the completion of the thesis, I have benefited from many people . First of all I would like to show my sincere gratitude to my tutor, Shen Guozheng. Without his sincere and trustworthy guidance,valuable suggestions and critical comments,it would be difficult for me to accomplish this thesis.His loyalty to teaching and punctilious work style has profoundly impressed me.
Moreover, I heartily thank all the teachers who have helped me in the past four years, who have provided me with incentives and direction for my study. Thanks are also due to my classmates and friends for their constant encouragement and their ways of assistance in the course of writing. Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family members, for their selfless support,thoughtfulness and encouragement.


Jane Austen was one of the distinguished realistic novelists in the nineteenth- century-English literature.Pride and Prejudice is a world wide popular novel published in 1813.Austen set the story in the first decade of the nineteenth century.At that time,marriage was the only way for women to gain social status and recognition. The author of the present thesis will analyze the five marriage patterns from the perspective of sociohistorical literary criticism to explore the important role that money and love plays in marriage. It can be seen clearly that Austen fully expresses her original views on marriage:property, social status and love are three indispensable elements in a marriage.It is wrong to marry for money,but it is unwise to marry without money. Austen’s views on marriage emphasize love and economic…...

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