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Citizane Kane. The movie begins with that Charles Foster Kane, the media magnate, dies. He dies in him house. He dropped a glass sphere and said a word "rosebud" in low tones. Newspapers and magazines started writing about it. After we observe Kane's life style. Many people called him the communist and the fascist, they wrote, that he was involved in two wars and at the end of his life he was paralyzed. Also he constructed the castle, its name was Xanadu. He was married two times and Kane stood in governors, but didn't win.

The journalist, his name was Thompson received a task "why Kane said before his death the mysterious word "rosebud""?
So he began travel and met with different people who knowm anything about Charles Foster Kane.

Susan Alexander, the second wife of Kane, refused to speak with Thompson. Then the journalist found the diary of the banker with name Walter Parks Tetcher. We found out that he was given to a Tetcher for an education in the childhood.

Then we saw a beginning of the career of Kane in media business. Charles stared to work in style "yellow journalism". Charles Kane married on the niece of the U.S. President.

In 21 years, Charles had to become one of the most reachest people in the world. He refused of all his money and he became journalist. He quickly created the empire, which influenced destiny of the nations. He didn't achieve success in policy. Kane wanted that everyone loved him, therefore he went to policy. He wanted to subdue many people. He battled with Jim Gettis on elections.
Jim learned about communication of Charles Kane with Ms. Alexander and offered the rival a choice: withdraw the candidacy or he would publish a compromising evidence. The media magnate refused to leave fight.
Between it, he married on Ms. Alexander and made her the opera…...

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