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Service Failure Severity
Severity of service failure refers to the perceived severe failure, inadequate or perceived extent of damage (McCollough, Berry, & Yadav, 2000). Customer perceived intensity of a service problem is called as the severity of the failure of services. Severity of inadequate services may vary depending on the evaluation of the Client Service failure (Kelley & Davis, 1994). Previous research suggests that the severity of the failure of the service will be influential in the evaluation of a service provider after a service failure and is also a challenge for service providers to implement the resumption of efficient service when failure is perceived as serious (Mattila, 2001).
According to Weun et al. (2004) severity of failure of services was hypothesized to moderate the relationship between perceived justice and recovery satisfaction for mail order and the restaurant industry. Their result specifies that service failure severity had negative relationship with satisfaction by means of service recovery. Their result also highlighted that severity of failure of service had only moderating effect on relationship between distributive justice and satisfaction with recovery. As the service problem turn out to be more severe, the likelihood for customer dissatisfaction will increase too (Weun et al., 2004). An exceptional service recovery with high levels of perception justice may not be enough to beat a severe service failure because customers use a non-linear value function to assess service recovery outcomes (Smith et al., 1999). The discrepancy toward the way customers respond to service failure shows that the severity of service failure had an impact to satisfaction with service recovery (Magnini et al., 2007). As a result when service failure turn out to be more severe, the positive influence of perception justice on satisfaction with…...

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