Oganizational Behavior Analysis

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Organizational Behavior Analysis
Timothy Carter
BUS 610
Dr. Carl Proehl
August 5, 2013

Organizational Behavior Analysis
Organizations rely heavily on human resource to maintain their competitive advantage. A strong organizational culture motivates employees to help achieve organizational goals. Productivity increases and positive atmosphere prevails in an organization when attitudes and behaviors are in conformity with the organizational culture (Baack, 2013). This paper will examine the action of individuals and groups within an organization.
The organization that will be examined is a small school located in rural Guyana, South America. As the story goes, the school was established by the Anglican Church many years ago, and its principal, May. I. Ogle, a staunch Christian, actually had a physical input in the construction of the building. She set very high standards in the disciplines prescribed in the curriculum. The school was populated by less than 200 students and nine teachers. About eighty to eighty five percent of the teachers were former students who grew up in the small farming community which the school served.
A young teacher joined the staff. For convenience, James will be used to refer to that teacher. James was assigned to Grade 3. The teacher in charge of that class was a senior teacher who had been in the profession for over fifteen years. Over a period of several months, James was taught a number of important skills. These skills were necessary to make him an effective teacher. The teacher taught James how to stand to allow all his students to see on the blackboard as he wrote. She encouraged him to always make sure that he communicated with the entire class and not just one section. The philosophical part of his training was left to the principal.
The principal had a less structured program. He occasionally invited…...

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