Offshore Outsourcing Jobs in the United States

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Offshoring, also known as offshore outsourcing, is the term that is used to describe the practice among companies located in the United States on contracting businesses beyond U.S borders to perform services that would otherwise have been provided by in-house employees in white-collar occupations. The term can be applied to U.S. firms that are offshoring the jobs of blue-collar workers on textile and auto assembly lines, for example, which has been taking place for decades. The extension of offshoring from U.S. manufacturers to facilitate providers has heightened public policy concerns about the extent of job loss and foregone employment opportunities among American workers. This concern was especially relevant to policymakers because of the national unemployment rate persistently exceeding 9% despite the end of the Great Recession in June 2009 .
The outsourcing of service sector jobs from the United States was a response to the early 1980s recessions when employers narrowed their focus to the company’s core mission and contracted peripheral activities (e.g., janitorial duties) to other U.S. businesses. The 2001 recession caused employers to seek further efficiencies by tapping into the global supply of labor. U.S. businesses were able to outsource overseas the jobs of white-collar workers in some service providing industries as a result of widely disseminated technological advances that permit low cost, good quality, and high speed transmission of voice and data communications. Events, such as the education systems of moderately low-wage nations graduating large supplies of highly educated individuals, also occurred in the intervening years, which heightened the ability of other countries (e.g., India and China) to export services to the United States.
U.S. workers have increasingly become concerned about the security of their jobs, due to the increased global…...

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