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Aaron Michelson
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11 January 2015
Album Review Assignment: Off The Wall
When reading the album review of Lil Wayne’s album “I Am Not A Human Being II” by zcamp, it is not entirely obvious if the reviewer liked or disliked the artist in general. He starts off praising Lil Wayne’s style and his so called “moth butterfly thing”. But then goes into a more sarcastic bashing of his new album. It is obvious that he greatly dislikes his new album that he is reviewing. The style of this review was very casual, which fits the style of the type of people who would buy his album. You can see that his review is casual when looking at the sarcastic tone of the review in general. You can also see that the style of his writing is casual by looking at how the reviewer mentions the more crude examples of Lil Wayne’s work.
In order for zcamp to write his review, he had to have listened to the entire album he is reviewing and know of Lil Wayne’s other albums to compare. Since he compares the album he is reviewing to Lil Wayne’s previous works, he had to know what his other albums sound like. He also mentions a drink in his review that Lil Wayne made up called “sizzurp”. Zcamp talks about how Lil Wayne went to the hospital with violent seizures after consuming too much of his “sizzurp”. To know this information, he must follow the news of Lil Wayne. I do not follow or listen to Lil Wayne, and I did not know about his “sizzurp” or his hospitalization. Zcamp also includes specific examples of phrases and trends that Lil Wayne sang throughout his album. The reviewer had to intensely listen to all the songs and look for the connections of what Lil Wayne was saying from song to song to include that his review.
In another album review that I read of Whitney Houston’s album “I Look to You” by Ann Powers, the style is a little less casual then the review…...

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