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Case 7: The knowledge worker strike
Detonation Media, a software company based in Mountain View, California, is facing with a demonstration from the Software Engineers Guild (SEG) which comprises about half of Detonation 10,000 employees. The employees have been working e months without a contract. They’re well paid, however, they have to work over the clock, which made their career as short as a NFL’s running back. Furthermore, the gaming industry is also layoff in the gaming industry, which fueling rumors of potential cutbacks at Detonation. However, the demonstration is lightly attended, most of the programmer remains at their computer.
Tetsui Wakatanabe, Detonator’s star developer, haven’t give much thought to the contract as he has been concentratingon his new hit game: Couch Ninjas 2. However, he would want the negotiation to end quickly as a strike would prevent his games from completion.
Two months after the protest, Carol Lee, Detonation’s general cousel and lead negotiator received a call from Emilio Teti, Detonation’s CEO. Emilio wants to push on the negotiation while the layoff in GameCrack had just happen and therefore, remove the pay raised package from the negotiation clause from the original boosting pay and benefit by 5% annually. However, they are also negotiating on two point: SEG pay to be move to profit sharing rather than revenue sharing and SEG jurisdiction will be extend to internet from the original just on PC and consoles. Emilio wants to remove the pay package as Tetsui announced to the press that their shipment date for Couch Ninja 2 was going to slip as he didn’t like the way the character looks making the stock slip as well as their sales. Carol went and talk to Dan Hontz to restart the negotiation. The stalemate in negotiation has worsend the rist in SEG between the hardliners and pragmatists. Three days later, they meet in…...

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