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Delta Airlines Flight 191, 2 August 1985, L-1011, Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport
This airplane accident occurred on August 2nd of 1985. The aircraft crashed while approaching the runway 17L, at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. It was passing through the eye of a thunderstorm, and the flight went into a microburst that the pilot couldn’t go across. The aircraft hit a car that was in the highway and killed the driver. There were 163 passengers in the plane but not all of them were killed, 26 passengers survived plus 3 flight attendants.
Probable Causes:
The NTSB determined that the flight crewmember’s decision to start the approach with the bad weather conditions influenced in the accident, besides, the lack of guidelines, training and of course the lack of good procedures were the reasons why the aircraft met a low altitude and made it crashed.
NTSB Recommendations:
The NTSB recommends that the FAA issue a bulletin for the air carriers to inspect and provide simulator training to pilots during training, to review carrier policy pertaining to weather conditions, caution to pilots to not use flight director systems during wind shear encounter, include a message on the automatic terminal information service when there a thunderstorm, develop a weather course in training. Also it recommends that the AAAE and the Airport Operators Council International advise its members of the circumstances of emergency response to this specific accident of flight 191, and evaluate their own strength and weaknesses.
Accident Report Detail. (n.d.). Retrieved April 21,…...

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