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1. What is a byte? 8 bits
2. When using a truth table, 1 and 0 equal __False____.
3. What do parentheses do in mathematical equations? Indicate what operations do to first
4. What is a node on a network? Hardware connected to the network
5. Which physical topology has the inherent weakness of a single point of failure? Star
6. In a Web address, which part identifies the protocol being used? HTTP 7. What is basic to every networking standard? (Hint: relates to Documentation) Beyond the ideas in a standard, people must agree to a particular version of document
8. Why is the TCP/IP model divided into layers? The layers make TCP/IP easier for humans to understand what TCP/IP does. It also makes it easier to divide the work among different products. * - write protocols, - create standards, - how networks work
9. Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for encryption and compression? Presentation Layer

10. What does the following graphic illustrate?

Simple Direct Current being used

11. What is a network encoding scheme? In networking, the encoding scheme defines the electrical equivalent: the electricity that means a 1 or a 0. *Interpreted between nodes
12. What causes full duplex to transmit and receive simultaneously? With full duplex, both endpoints can send at the same time, enabled because the endpoints use multiple wire pairs. Using multiple pairs allows multiple electrical circuits, so the encoders/decoders do not get confused. *for wires 13. Based on the other entries in the table, complete the missing cell in the table below:

Cable Type | Max Distance (end to end) | Cost | UTP | 100 meters | Low | Coaxial (Thinnet) | 185 m | Moderate | Coaxial (Thicknet) | 500 M | Moderate | MM | 2 km+ | High |

14. Identify the correct standard for each of the definitions in the table below.

Standard | Common Reference…...

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