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A short formal report on

Noel Gallagher

Name: Luke Clerkin
Class: PMCZ
Issue Date: 15/10/2013
Deadline Date: 05/07/13
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Terms of Reference

Class PMCZ were asked to do a short formal report on the early life and career of former Oasis principal songwriter and High Flying Bird’s front man, Noel Gallagher. The report is to be 1000 words in length. The issue date is the 15/10/2013 and the deadline date is the 5/10/2013.

Methods of Procedure


The students used Wikipedia as a source of gaining information on the life of Noel Gallagher.


The students used Noel Gallagher’s biography as a different source of gaining information on his life.


The students used YouTube as a source of gaining information on the persona of Noel Gallagher and an in depth view on his live performances.


(3.1) Introduction

Noel Gallagher is the former principal songwriter of Brit Pop band, Oasis and he is now the front man of his own band, Noel Gallagher’s Highflying Birds. During his career with Oasis, Noel played alongside his younger brother Liam, who served as the band’s front man. The band gained severe media attention for the budding inter band/sibling rivalry which ruled them, both on and off the stage and it would be this rivalry that would result in the band’s break up in 2009.

(3.2) Early life

Noel Gallagher was born in Manchester in 1967 to Irish parents, his mother hailing from Mayo and his father from Meath. He is second eldest of three brothers, his brother Paul being the oldest and Liam being the youngest. The Gallagher brothers had a hard upbringing as they were subjects of physical abuse by their alcoholic father. As a teen Noel and his brothers were often in trouble both inside and outside of school and Noel himself was given 6 months’ probation for robbing a corner shop and he was also…...

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