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The Principles of policing
Introduction to law Enforcement (CRJS210-1501B-01)
Name: Brandy Tucker


Am a patrolman and the chief of police asked me to head up the training department which includes the police academy and annual training of the police officers? I have been asked to give a class to every police officer concerning the two principles and how they pertain to the questions that I will go over. The first principle is no quality is more indispensable to a policeman than a perfect command of temper; a quiet, determined manner has more effect than violent action. The second principle is the securing and training of proper persons is at the root of efficiency. The chief wants me to tell how these principles pertain to these questions. The first set of questions is why is the command of temper important to the demeanor of the typical police officer? What can be achieved with it, and what can happen without it? The next set of questions are has enough been done in law enforcement to develop the proper demeanor of law enforcement officers? Can you find research that suggests that demeanor training is a core part of law enforcement training, or is demeanor training needed to be included in law enforcement training? The next set of questions is if you were the chief of police of a local law enforcement organization with the opportunity to establish guidelines on developing the demeanor of law enforcement officers, what methods would you utilize? The chef wants to know how these principles are applied to each other and how they are applied to these questions. The last set of questions is for me to describe the areas in which I feel my officers would benefit the most from training, and explain briefly why I choose those areas of training.

I served as a patrolman for 3 years and I graduated from AIU. The police chief asked me to…...

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