Never Too Late

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Never too Late

I am sitting in Iraq November of 2011 after spending 8 long years which included two tours of combat with the 3rd Infantry Division / 2nd Brigade of Fort Stewart, GA and 6 years with Kellogg Brown and Root a US Contracting Company thinking: what shall I do next? I thought: it’s never too late to return to school and start a new career. I already have one retirement and I am young enough to start another. I contacted the Veterans Affairs, filled out the necessary paper work and my approval was granted. I said to myself, “This Tour Is OVER!!!” I had already started packing when suddenly I received an unsuspected notification that my wife of 15 years was medevac’d to Savannah, GA, with severe chest pain. At that very moment, my mind was in a state of emergency. I had to get home. Education was far from my mind, and prayer was in order. I realized this was going to be a long flight home.
Arriving and running through the Dubai Airport as I have done many times before was a nightmare because it was Ramadan and there were long exiting passport lines. Still, I had to remain calm so that I could get to my seat without feeling challenged by the diverse cultures surrounding me. Finally in my seat, I made a phone call to my oldest daughter to see how my wife was doing and to speak to the doctor or nurse if they were available, but they were still in surgery. This flight was 16 hours long and I realized that worrying would do no one good so I eased my mind; and begin to think what I wanted to study in school. I realized that back in the state’s education would be the key to all successes therefore; if I was going to make a living without bullets flying over my head, then becoming literate in a choice of study would have to become a solid new mission and personal quest. The plane landed at my final destination and I quickly moved through the terminals to…...

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