Natural, Objective and Focusing Market of the Foodworld Company

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Natural, Objective and Focusing Market of the Foodworld Company
1.0 Introduction
This section is talk about the natural, objective and focusing market of the Foodworld Company.
1.1 Identifications and natural of the foodworld
Provide the reinforce brand fundamentals product to customers, daily product, bakery, and snack.
The first Foodworld had been established at 1996 in India. Foodworld are operate in the world-standard retailing. Foodworld are operates as a 51:49 joint venture with Daily Farm International of the Jar dine Matheson Group, a US $ 4.5 billion retail giant operating in the Asia-Pacific market with the requisite experience. Foodworld had concentrate on the local market rather than international market. They selling the product included the grocery of all kinds' fresh food (fruits and vegetables) and non-food fast move consumer good (FMCG) product and etc. The foodworld are provide the consumer to get their daily needed product in the under one roof, this is because the foodworld are provide the widest range of the product to the customers choose.
Provide the high nutritional value product, extensive range of international product in India.
Provide service counters like seafood, fresh meat, bakery, sweet, candy and imported cheeses, and also extensive Grocery range and the household most needed.
Fresh food (vegetable and fruit), provide wide range of drink, snack, bakery, confectionary and impulse products.
2.0 Financial analysis
In this segmentation is to analysis the financial performance in the foodworld.
• Liquidity ratio o Liquidity ratio showing the FoodWorld in slightly increment in this few years.(appendix 1.1) o This will help the FoodWorld can more easily to get the financial support from institute finance. Example FoodWorld can get a loan more easily. o The strong liquidity ratio will attract more investor come to Foodworld to…...

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