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Weekly Journal

Week: First week

On my first day in my OJT I feel excited and also nervous. In that day, we oriented about how we do are t asks everyday. Then, in my second day is the ordinary day for me as a server, helping my co-server to serve our customer. My third day, I prepare tables for meals, including set up items such as linen, silverware and glassware while greeting guests (with eye contact and smile), also escort guests to their tables then present menus to the guests and answer questions about menu items, or making recommendations. At my fourth day, I taking foods and drink orders present and serve wine (into the proper glass) and serving food and drinks. My fifth day is check with guests to ensure that they are enjoying their meals and take action to correct any problems. My sixth day, I remove dishes (gentlemen first!) and glasses from the tables for cleaning and Dealing with bill payments. And in every seventh day of my OJT is my rest day.

Guide Questions (after the training/internship)

1. What specific additional skills have you learned this month?

2. Describe your experiences with regards to guests relation.

II: Learning Experiences

(Realization about the Training)

■ Is your establishment is highly recommended as an avenue of training for the incoming practicumers?…...

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