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Wendy Martinez
Dr. Barry Wood
ENGL 3349
February 2, 2015
My Interest in Native American Literature “I am Americanized but I am not American. No, I am not American by today’s cultural standards.” This thought is one I have echo through my mind frequently. I am an immigrant from Central America born to parents of African and Arawak descent. I feel my otherness so strongly when I am around people born and raised in the United States. My reasons for enrolling in this course are primarily and unapologetically selfish. This is my attempt at better understanding my ancestry so that I can better explain who I am in the world to the world and to myself. I follow traditions that I do not understand the origins of. I hear my mother speak (in what should be and what once was) my native tongue but cannot comprehend. While the English language feels familiar it does not feel mine. My ignorance about the Arawak culture and traditions kills any meaning that these rituals may have. I am here because that ignorance makes me uncomfortable. I stated earlier that I wanted to be able to explain who I am to the world but I also want to understand the world that I live in better. As a person who believes in in social justice and tolerance it is crucial to learn about the Natives of the Americas. It is important to acknowledge history no matter how painful and uncomfortable it may be to better orient myself from both cultural and geographic standpoint. I cannot think of better way to accomplish this than by submerging myself in the writings of Native American writers. Up until now, any Native American history that I have learned has been filtered through non-Native American authors/historians, taught by teachers of European descent from textbooks provided by modern American companies. I look forward to separating truth from fiction and hearing vivid accounts from those qualified to…...

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