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The “Centro Virtual de Experiencias de Internacionalización” (On-line Centre for International Business Cases) is the result of the collaboration of the Spanish

Institute for Foreign Trade ICEX and AEEDE, the Spanish Association of Business Schools , which includes eleven leading Business Schools. The aim of this project is to promote the internationalisation of Spanish SMEs, drawing on the academic rigour of the business schools that have participated in this project.

This centre presents case studies of Spanish companies that are successful internationally. These case studies can be found on the ICEX webpage and appear in a multimedia format that includes discussion forums and articles that create awareness of the key issues involved in internationalisation.

The success stories chosen represent a broad sample of sectors and geographic areas and show the globalisation process that some of our companies have gone through. The company profile shown here is that of an SME multinational which has become a reference point in its sector, basing its international penetration strategies on factors as diverse as marketing, management, financial liquidity and business alliances.

This pioneering project, in Europe and throughout the world, serves to promote and diffuse a comprehensive entrepreneurial culture among SMEs. It promotes the integration and association between universities and businesses, facilitates dialogue and the exchange of knowledge between experienced businesses and those that are beginning to take their first steps in international markets. It also emphasises the importance of human capital in medium and long term business competitiveness.


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