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Part II: Multicultural Analysis
DeAnna Alexander
October 9, 2012
Shyamal Das

Multicultural Analysis A multicultural society is a society that consists of several different ethnic groups to make it one. Some ethnics groups may share the same values and beliefs as other and then there are some that have completely different traits, beliefs, and values. In order to determine the differences or similarities in customs and beliefs, one must do an extensive amount of reading and research. The United States of America is one of many multicultural societies of which six of them will be discussed. Since the early 1800’s, there has discrimination and stereotyping in the U.S. Centering on the history and beliefs of different ethnic group’s stereotyping, prejudice acts, and how one individual treats someone of a different culture shows how it all can harm more than just an individual, but society as a whole.
Different Stereotypes
Religion and ethnicity has been a substantial way that U.S society has used when trying to make out someone of a different race’s identity, as well as the task they are capable of performing (Schaefer, para. 1, 3, 6, 2011). It is easy for someone to look at a person and identify them with the wrong ethnic group based on their appearances, for example, a German woman may have pale skin with blonde hair but the person looking at her wouldn’t know that she is German, or of a different ethnic group until she opens her mouth to speak and they hear her accent. This can also be considered a stereotype because most white woman is known to have blonde hair. African Americans have been stereotyped to be the best dancers or have the least amount of education than any other ethnic group, most custodial workers or house keepers are Hispanic (Hernandez, 2007) all Asian people eat rice only and know how to do karate, Germans are well-known for good…...

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