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A discussion of the positive and negative effects on the lignite power plant

Hongsa distinct,
Sayaboury province, Lao PDR.

By: Tossapon Booranapornchai (Jai)
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‘A discussion of the positive and negative effects on the lignite power plant (Hongsa, Sayaboury Province, Lao PDR) Over the last decade, Thailand has been a continual increasing, about four percent per year, of electricity usage (Oxford Business Group, 2014). In contrast, the country’s supply would not meet with consumer’s demand purely due to lack of internal sources and therefore has had to seek other supplies from neighboring country such as Laos. The Hongsa district, Laos, has sufficient reserves of lignite to generate enough electricity for both countries and thus, since 2010, has attracted investor from both Thai private sector and the Laotian government. Hence, this is the beginning of Hongsa power plant project. Although the plant would generate many economic advantages to the people of Laos, this does not occur without criticism. Some pointed out that the large amount of coal’s burning will cause a serious detrimental effect on the local and global environment as well as creating long-term health problems for local. Therefore, there have been some suggestions, from environmental groups who concerned with the launch of this project in 2015 that should consider consequences of the action and initiate more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives of generating electricity. This essay indicates both positive and negative of the Hongsa power plant. The first section illustrates the benefits of the power plant project on economic growth and social aspects. Afterward, the second section explains the drawbacks on environment and health states and the final section…...

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