Modelling in Operational Research.

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Foundations of Operational Research and Business Analysis 1

Assignment 2013/14
Author: Thibaut Achard de Leluardière


Looking through the infinite number of theories and models developed in organisations, this assignment aims at finding out the founding principles of a good OR/MS model and general issues encountered in the setting-up of OR interventions. To try out and compare the insights presented, this assignment proposes to study a specific case about OR modelling in Fishery management. Fishery Management is related to the preservation of fish resources and optimisation of catch and profit of this industry, in a context of high-yield practices and increasingly more complex environmental issues present. This case applies to a large and complex system linked to today’s topics issues of sustainable development. In addition, a personal experience of analytical project related to an internship position as assistant project manager in a leading oil company is proposed to illustrate this essay.
This essay concludes by giving recommendations about what could be the characteristics of an ideal portrait of OR/MS model.


In a letter addressed to English universities after the Second World War, general Pile, a popular British officer who commended the Anti-Aircraft Command, claims for men of sciences ‘able to quickly understand complex issues and to find them simple’. Thus, supporting the fast economic growth in Europe after war, operational research (OR) and management sciences (MS) answered needs for better understanding and simplification of problems and arrive at optimal solutions to complex decision-making problems. During the last decades fields of applications of these disciplines have been multiplied, and techniques of operational research were boosted by IT progresses. It brings operational researchers to constantly wonder…...

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