Mobile Applications Market

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Mobile Applications Market

The 21st century has seen the rise of mobile applications through the technology of smart phones .The mobile apps market is very elastic and continues to expand each and every day. The mobile market has a wide variety of applications that no matter what type of interests you may have, there is something for you. Outlined further in this report will outline the demand for these apps, trend analysis, current market status, success stories and lastly the end users.
It was in June of 2008 when Apple Inc released its 3G Apple Iphone which featured support for third party applications. Then only a short month later the Apple app store was created. This took consumers by storm and in the first weekend over 10 million apps were downloaded. Since its release the app store has continued to expand with more apps and better quality apps that now range from E-books to a very humorous fart app. Shortly after Apple had seen rapid success with its app store, other leading Telephone providers like blackberry, Nokia and Android soon released a similar app store for their users. The evolution of mobile apps seems to be creating applications in which ease day to day living through our smart phones. For example in the Apple app store, there are apps which allow you to receive newspapers like the New York Times, or the Globe and Mail directly to your mobile device. There are also apps which act as a PDF creator, it allows for the consumer to take pictures of multiple documents, upload them all as one PDF and then have the ability to send it as an email. There are many more apps which will benefit each consumer differently, people are slowly realizing that these apps are becoming a part of day to day life and could not function without them.
When the Apple App store first opened, it didn’t have just one App in it, there were over 500. Therefore it…...

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