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Mission Mission represents the framework for the entire business , the values which drive the company and the belief that the company has in itself and what it can achieve. Mission has 2 diversities: strategic and philosophic. The strategy school views mission as a strategic tool, an intellectual discipline which defines the business’s commercial rationale and target market. It is perceived as first step in strategic management. It has to answer two fundamental questions: WHAT IS OUR BUSINESS and WHAT SHOULD IT BE? The second view that mission is a glue that enables to function as collective unity. This cultural glue consists of strong norms and values that influence the way people behave, how they work together and how they pursue the goals of the organization. Building a definition of mission
Link between personal and corporate values is a crucial aspect of mission. Employees are clear what is important and are happy to follow the standards and behaviours their company ask of them. Their way of working is not only personal satisfaction but also superior to that of competitors. A strong mission exists when the 4 elements of mission link tightly together , resonating and reinforcing each other

What is the company for? Many of the companies do not even attempt about the nature of their overall purpose. There are 3 categories of ideas of purpose. 1) Satisfy shareholders. The purpose of this companies is to maximize wealth for shareholders. 2) Satisfy the stakeholders (costumers, employees, suppliers). A company that totally ignores its employees’ needs would soon find its labour cost soaring as it fought to stem the tide of rising employee turnover. 3) Satisfy higher ideals its a purpose to which all shareholders will feel proud contributing. Purposes aimed at a higher ideals seek to deny selfish interests which makes easier…...

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