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1.0. Basic Introduction To Information
Systems In Organizations 1 – 2
2.0. Introduction To Alibaba Group’s Company And Background 3
3.3. Breakdown And Analyze Of Various Department
Four Main Parts Of The MIS System 4 – 13
4 – 7
8 – 9
10 – 13
4.0. Alibaba Group’s Swot Analysis 14 – 16
5.0. Conclusion 17
6.0. Reference List 18 - 19

1.0. BASIC INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION SYSTEMS IN ORGANIZATIONS Management information system (MIS) has several applications in the retail industry. MIS is the systematic use of technology and people to manage the flow of information. In the retail, MIS is used for point of sale data collection, logistics, inventory control and internal communication, all of which affect retail operations and marketing. Retail management information systems support distributed stores by linking them. By allowing information to be exchanged instantly, store managers can stay in contact to more effectively control profits for the whole company. Retail Management Information System should support product management and should also enable a detailed analysis of customer data. It is a flexible system that allows managers to set prices for variable time periods based on the store location and to meet the needs of sales and inventory managers, retail management information systems involve the use of a mobile user interface. Retail management information systems can be customized for each industry. For example it can be customized for sports, department stores, supermarkets, furniture, fashion, jewellery or for prescription drugs. Some systems also support multiple languages, currencies, tax systems and cost structures. With retail management information systems there is support for different business models and can accommodate franchise, consignment, direct…...

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...to say that this report helps us a lot to understand ERP system largely. Moreover, your kind acceptance of this report would be highly appreciated. Sincerely Yours 1. Ms. Rasheda Naima Jahan (2013-3-95-019) 2. Mr. Md. Rafiqul Islam (2013-3-95-063) 3. Mr. Shadesh Baishnab (2013-3-95-075) 4. Mr. Md. Asaduzzaman (2013-3-95-099) 5. Mr. Avijit Das (2014-1-95-038) Acknowledgements We always have the guidance & clear instructions from our course teacher Dr. Md. Helal Uddin Ahmed. He never showed any sign of impatience towards us. He made us very much clear about the project content & what exactly He expected from us. Our term paper topic is “Enterprise Resource Planning”. To complete the report, we take help from several books named ‘ Management Information Systems’ by Kenneth C. Laudon, Jane Price Laudon  and ‘management information system’ by charles parker. Last of all, every single member of our group deserves significant acknowledgement. If a single member of this group were absent from the involvement of the report, it would be impossible to turn the working process into accomplishment. Report summary ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning; a term that is used for business management systems, which are designed to integrate the data sources and......

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...INTRODUCTION TO MIS Management Information System plays a very important role in an organization. There is hardly a business magazine that dos not contain article about information system. MIS can be defined as – “A system which collects, processes, stores and distributes information to help in decision making for managerial functions.” (Planning, staffing, directing, controlling, organizing and budgeting) It may also be defined as Integrated user/ Machine system for providing information to support the decision making process. MIS is a computer based system, which presents both external and internal information of business. This system utilizes computer hardware and software, manual procedure for analysis, planning, control and decision making. These system do not take decisions but they assist in providing a necessary information as an input to the decision making process. MIS should provide information which is consistent, accurate, timely, economically flexible and relevant. MIS can be computerized or manual. MIS provides information in report format on regular basis to assist managers with decision which occur frequently and can be anticipated. MANAGEMENT Management has been defined in a variety of ways, but for our purpose it compromises the processes or activities that describes what managers do in the operation of their organization; plan, organize, initiative and control operations. INFORMATION Data must be distinguished from information. Data are......

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