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Q1. If I was the executive of Mega Brands, I will more concern with the customer feedback. The good customer feedback can bring the company to the success although it is hard to achieve good feedback from the customer. The good customer feedback can also bring the company to the top of the business and also let the company increase in growing to the successful.

Furthermore, i also will concern with the customer safety. We as the company who sold the product of the customers, we must make sure that the product in safe and harmless to customers. The customer who believes with our product just will buy the product that we sold. If we sold the product that have the problem or it will harm to the customer, the customer will not confidence with our product and it will let our business failure. The customer is the most important person for the company. The customer can make the company to success or failure. The customer is the main resource of the company. The company without customer, the company wouldn’t be success in the market.

Q3. The CPSC have no more powers to deal with such hazards and companies. Although the customer safety to use the product has been protecting by the CPSC, the company is the one who produce and sold the product to the customer. The company ethic is the main problem. If the company has the bad ethic, they will just care with their income and selling of their product. They also will won’t take any attention and action for the customer safety who using their product. They also will try to hiding up or ignore the problem that happen from the customer. The company with poor in ethic maybe will try to save their cost in production just want to earn more and try to produce the product that is low in quality to the customer and it may harm to customers. The CPSC can stop the company to produce or selling the product in order to protect the…...

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