Medical Abbreviations

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Medical Abbreviations

(Radiography Relevant items highlighted in yellow) |Abbreviation |Translation |Further Information |
|0 |Not Present OR No abnormality |Also in superscript e.g. ……..o |
|+/- |Uncertain/equivocal | |
|+ |Present or Noted | |
|++ |Present Significantly | |
|+++ |Present in Excess | |
|= |Equivalent to | |
|3 |OK or satisfactory | |
|A |Ankle Jerk/Reflex |Hitting the ankle with a patella hammer to |
| | |test reflexes |
|AAA |Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm |Swelling of the main artery in the abdomen |
|AAL |Anterior Axillary Line |Imaginary line drawn from the front arm pit|
| | |down the chest wall |
|ABG |Arterial Blood Gas also "Sats" |Blood test to see how much oxygen there is |
| | |in the blood (percentage ‘saturation’ with |

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