Media and Race

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Media and Race

Written by: Dwayne DeLeon

Media and Race

Many of us may have had the chance to watch at least one sports-based movie in our lifetime. A number of these movies are considered as “feel good movies” because how the movie impacted you as you left the theater. Many of these types of movies have a happy ending while the other half is focused on a critical game or the moment that gives the movie and the athletes their character. The movie I chose was not limited to a championship game since there were some issues that the characters had to deal with in this movie. This movie also gives an account of how the characters are affected by these issues. I decided to write this paper about a movie that established a huge influence on me. The classic movie, “Remember the Titans,” displays a lot of the moral values that I carry on a day to day basis as member of the Armed Forces. This move was based on a time period in the 1970s and dealt mainly with social issues like intolerance, typecasting, and racial discrimination. The hard work and unity displayed by the TC Williams football team and despite the challenges they faced were able to make the state championship was the basis for me selecting this movie. Integration laws and a federal mandate compelled two schools in Virginia to close, and the white and black students were integrated into the high school of TC Williams. This integration resulted in immediate tensions in the new racially diverse school. An African American coach was selected to collaborate with the current White coach of the football team in order to increase morale and unite the team. Herman Boone (Denzel Washington) was hired by the school board as head coach of the football team. He replaced Bill Yoast (Will Patton) who was a highly decorated and well-respected coach who was nominated for the hall of fame of the…...

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