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HR policy is a formal statement of a principle or rule that members of an organization must follow. Each policy addresses an issue important to the organization's mission or operations. * Communicate values and expectations for how things are done at your organization * Keep the organization in compliance with legislation and provide protection against employment claims * Document and implement best practices appropriate to the organization * Support consistent treatment of staff, fairness and transparency * Help management to make decisions that are consistent, uniform and predictable * Protect individuals and the organization from the pressures of expediency

A policy should include purpose, scope, responsibilities, definitions, questions, effective date, review date and approval. Organizations commonly have written policies in the following areas for code of conduct, confidentiality, conflict of interest, working conditions, attendance, hours of operations, termination, recruitment, compensation, performance management, learning and development, overtime, privacy, employee information, compassionate leave, vacation, sick Leave, unpaid leave, health and safety and workplace Violence

Nestlé is committed to the following Business Principles in all countries, taking into account local legislation, cultural and religious practices:

The Corporate Business Principles outline the Company’s commitment to fully endorse and to respect a series of principles and international conventions concerning employee’s rights, the protection of children against child labour and other important issues. Even suppliers and providers of outsourced services are informed of the Corporate Business…...

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