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1) Matrix’s strategy at the start was to have smaller, faster and cheaper 3d chips. They used two different technologies using the flat panel display to enable multiple, active processing layers in Matrix 3d chips and finally, chemical mechanical processing to eliminate the bumps and valley in each layer of the chip that could inhibit functionality. Something that worked well against their advantage was the fact that the company had very experienced engineers.

2) – able to make ultra dense, small and cheap memory chips * had the supplies and knowledge to place functional transistors on multiple layers of a single chip * built nonvolatile memory chips * chips didn’t require best performance and less technical issues

3) They have to keep designing and building a prototype of the 3d chip. * find an state of the art fab where they could create the first prototype in less than two weeks vs 8 weeks. * Develop the process to produce the chips in high volume. * No new atoms process consumed a lot of their time and had to design their own production process since the beginning.

4) I would do a research for state of the art manufacturing…...

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