Marriage Brings Us Together

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Marriage is What Brings Us Together Today

The divorce revolution, which simply means the progressive replacement of the marriage culture by the divorce culture is prevalent in the American society. This has subsequently created profound hardships for children, and has fallen short on delivering on its mirage promise of a better adult happiness. This divorce revolution has been a trend that has been inculcated in the American culture for years on end. As seen in the two movies “The Parent Trap” of 1961 and its remake “The Parent Trap” of 1998, the subject of divorce remains prevalent and the storyline remains the same. However, it is worth noting that a marital union is vital for families to be cemented together as opposed to separation and divorce.

The two movies talk of two twins who met at a holiday camp. Their parents were divorced and each lived with either parent in separate places. None had seen the other and it is only a situation which makes them notice the remarkable resemblance they both shared and after they shared about their lives, they both came to know that they were twin sisters and that their parents had divorced. The remake of “The Parent Trap” a 1961 film shows that little has changed in the American society concerning child custody, and divorce issues.

The holistic issue of divorce as seen in the movie has assumed the form of convenience. In the event of some form of misunderstanding and “irreconcilable” differences, most American couples who are married take the shorter option out- divorce. This is irrespective of the kind of damage such arrangements will have on their children. Like in the movie “The Parent Trap”, the divorce agreement was seemingly set so in an attempt of achieving some social goals like enhancing some form of equality between both genders, improving the family lives related to women, and…...

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