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Thesis Statement: The millennial generation are often posed with many more choices and different ways of purchasing, presenting more challenges to marketers to appease the target market.

Millennials are defined as a demographic of people born between the early 1980’s and early 2000’s, but are often categorized as narcissistic, lazy, and indecisive. Amongst the stereotypical name calling is the reality of the harsher economic climate millennials came of age into. This leads to a major change in consumer behavior and as a result compels marketers to change business models accordingly. The millennial generation are often posed with many more choices and different ways of purchasing, presenting more challenges to marketers to appease the target market.
According to the Dionne Searcey of the New York Times, “today’s young adults…are putting off major life decisions as well as big purchases that typically go with them. As a result, their consumer behavior is unpredictable.” This poses a challenge for marketers because they often rely on consumer data, but the uncertainty and unpredictability renders the aforementioned data less efficient. Marketers, manufactures and retailers are…...

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