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A welcome retention from the first edition is the examination question at the end of each chapter, with tips on what the examiner is looking for and how to answer the question. This is an excellent and flexible resource for both teacher and student, providing an insight into the mind of the examiner. I have often used the examination questions and tips from the first edition as useful homework activities. The question can be used without the tips, with the guidance given later and used for peer assessment or to help students develop their action plans for improvement independently. The key facts and terms at the end of the chapter enable students to develop a summary of the essential points over the course of each module, and they provide a quick, easy reference point and revision resource. Overall the book is extremely well presented and is an enhancement of the first edition while retaining the best features. It should prove a valuable resource for getting to grips with the delivery of the new specification for OCR, while meeting its aim of providing excellent quality content that can be used for the delivery of a business studies curriculum in general. Diane Kutar is subject leader in business studies, at Oakmeeds Community College, Burgess Hill, West Sussex.

being conversational. The subject matter is comprehensively covered, with particularly good sections on pricing policy and tactics, and market research. Unfortunately, the reader will arguably find the book somewhat dull. And, perhaps, the lack of colour together with the hugely consistent layout throughout the 208 pages detracts from the interest factor buried within this publication. Consequently, some of the better commentary, such as the section on choosing the channel mix, could be easily missed by the average reader. User-friendliness An undoubted strength of this book is the…...

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...Marketing Study Guide Test 1 1. A target market is a. One or more specific groups of potential consumers toward which an organization directs its marketing program 2. The first task of a market is to b. Discover the needs of consumers 3. The four Ps of the marketing mix are c. Product, promotion, price, and place 4. ___ is a trade of things of value between a buyer and seller so that each is better off d. Exchange 5. One or more specific groups of potential consumers toward which an organization directs its marketing program is e. A target market 6. Which of the following statements best defines needs and wants f. Needs occur when a person feels physiologically deprived of something and wants are determined by a person’s knowledge, culture, or personality 7. The four utilities created by marketing are g. Form, place, time, and possession 8. According to the American Marketing Association ___ is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders h. Marketing 9. The activity in which two or more parties give something of value to each other to satisfy perceived needs is known as i. Exchange 10. The societal marketing concept is j. The view that an organization should discover and satisfy the needs of its......

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...Chapter 1 - Overview of Marketing Marketing: is the activity, set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. * Simply stated, Marketing is all about satisfying needs Inertia to Passion- Peoples feelings for a certain brand fall between inertia (people who dont care) to passion(people who care way to much)     An example of this people writing reviews that are happy or angry are very passionate Economies of scale- The more we make of an item the lower the cost per item will be Understand Marketing mix (4 P’s)/Marketing mix from customer perspective (4 Cs) * Product- Product variety, quality, design, (feat, brand name, packaging,sizing, services, warranties, returns) * Promotion- Sales promotion(sample displays), advertising, personal selling, public relations(press releases), direct marketing(telemarketing) * Price- List price, discounts, allowances, payment period, credit terms * Place (distribution)- channels, coverage, locations, inventory, transport The Four C’s * Customer Solution (Product) * Cost to Customer (Price) * Communication (Promotion) * Convenience (Place) Exchange: the process by which some transfer of value occurs between a buyer and a seller (trade currency) Needs: the recognition of any difference between a consumer actual state and some ideal or desired state Want:......

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...Assure program, all Honda car customers get the benefit of a more transparent, hassle-free transaction and a quick turnaround time on their insurance claims. Auto Terrace Honda's Exchange and Pre-Owned car division Auto is the one-stop solution for catering to the needs of customers wanting to exchange their existing cars for a New Honda car.   Marketing Strategy Sementation and Targeting Income: Honda Cars india caters to premium segment targeting middle to upper middle class (strivers and seekers). Geographical : Urban nucleus families in small towns Honda also uses Maslows theory to build the perfect product. Maslow’s theory suggests we all need to cover basic needs before we can acquire luxury. So we first need food, shelter and water, next is safety and security, then we need social acceptance and love, then self-actualization and spiritual needs etc. Honda uses this theory in their vehicles. They start with safety and make owners feel safe while driving. Then they move on to social status and hope to instill a feeling of high class in Honda owners. Next they address self-esteem needs by using their marketing strategy to make Honda owners feel confident because they own a Honda. Next they use their vehicles to create a sense of success in Honda owners. They want Honda owners to say ‘I am successful in my own right’. ‘My own right’ is the key here, if you feel that you own what you deserve, you will be satisfied. Competitors Refer Maruti’s Competitors......

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...Stutendt STUDENT GUIDE FOR WRITING A MARKETING PLAN 1. Executive Summary The Executive Summary “sells” the marketing plan to readers through its clarity and brevity. The summary should present a description of the product/service, its target market, and its need within the market. The summary should also provide an overview of the main points of the plan and should emphasize an action orientation. 2. Company Description The company description should highlight the recent history and successes of the organization. 3. Strategic Focus and Plan While not included in all marketing plans, the Strategic Focus and Plan sets the strategic direction for the entire organization. One approach is to use the strategic marketing process (see pp. 44-50 in the text) and/or diversification and synergy analyses (see pages 581-584). a. Mission/Vision The Mission/Vision statement is a qualitative statement that specifies the markets and product lines in which a business will compete. A mission statement can dramatically affect the range of a firm’s marketing activities by narrowing or broadening the competitive playing field. An effective mission statement must be clear and direct. See page 32 in the text. b. Goals The Goals section of a marketing plan sets both financial and non-financial targets. Goals should be in quantitative terms, where possible, to facilitate measuring the company’s future performance. See page 34 in the text. An......

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...Marketing Research test 2 Chapter 3 Secondary Data: -Data not gathered for the immediate study at hand. - Primary reason is to save time and money -Internal Secondary Data: -External Secondary Data -Sales Invoice -Periodicals -Accounts Receivable -Statistical Sources -Reports -Government Documents -Warranty Cards -Consumer Panels -Customer Letters -Past Research Results -Current Databases Literature Review: -Comprehensive examination of secondary info related to your research topic. -Provides background and contextual information -reveals whether info already exists -clarifies research problem and questions Syndicated Data -market research data that is collected, packaged and sold to different firms. -3 Common Methods: -Consumer Panels: large samples of households agree to provide data for an extended amount of time -Store Audits: formal examination and verification of how much a product or brand has been sold at the retail level -Optical Scanner Technology: point of purchase data is collected Hypotheses: suggests a relationship between variables 2 Types of Hypotheses: 1. Descriptive: Possible answer to specific business problems. 3 steps: 1. Review Research Problems 2. Write Down Questions 3. Brainstorm possible answers 2. Causal: theoretical statements about relationships between variables. Help businesses understand how to make changes. -What are the Relationships between......

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...MARK 3000 • Chapter 1 o LO 1- What is marketing? ▪ A set of activities • Using the four P’s to deliver value and benefits to a targeted group of customers (target market) ▪ A company philosophy (the marketing concept/orientation) • The objective of the company is to (1) satisfy consumer wants, and (2) meet organizational objectives. • What does the consumer want? ▪ The four P’s • Product (what are we making?) o Can be a… ▪ Physical good ▪ Service ▪ Idea • Price (how much are we charging?) o Monetary, barter, etc. • Place o Where is the product available? o How do we get the product where it needs to be? • Promotion (how is the product communicated?) o TV, internet, free samples, newspaper, etc. ▪ Exchange • Exchange is a desired outcome of marketing. • Five conditions of exchange o At least two parties o Each has something of value to the other o Each is capable of communication and delivery o Each is free to accept or reject the offer o Each feels it appropriate or desirable to deal with the other • Marketing can occur even if exchange doesn’t o LO 2- Marketing management philosophies ▪ Other orientations • Production o Focuses on the internal capabilities of the firm rather than on the desires and needs of the marketplace. o As long as it......

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...of involvement; problem solving routines; influences on consumer decision process (Figure 5-4); global companies and market strategies (Figure 7-A) | Term | Definition | Market Segmentation | Aggregating prospective buyers into groups, or segments, that (1) have common needs and (2) will respond similarly to a marketing action. | Product Differentiation | A marketing strategy that involves a firm using different marketing ix activities to help consumers perceive the product as being different and better than competing products. | Market-Product Grid | Framework to relate the market segments of potential buyers to products offered or potential marketing actions by an organization. | Product Positioning | The place an offering occupies in consumers’ minds on important attributes relative to competitive products. | Product Repositioning | Changing the place an offering occupies in consumers’ mind relative to competitive products. | Perceptual Map | Displaying or graphing in two dimensions the location of products or brands in the minds of consumers to enable a manager to see how consumers perceive competing products or brands and then take marketing actions. | Involvement | The personal, social, and economic significance of the purchase to the consumer. | Perception | Process by which an individual selects, organizes, and interprets information to create a meaningful picture of the world. | Perceived Risk | Anxiety felt because the consumer cannot......

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...------------------------------------------------- 1. Which of the following is NOT a step that might be used to improve the quality of a firm’s marketing intelligence? ------------------------------------------------- A. Watching how the stock market reacts to interest rate changes B. Motivating distributors to pass along important intelligence from the marketplace. C. Collecting competitive intelligence by buying a competitor’s products D. Setting up a consumer panel ------------------------------------------------- 2. When Molly’s parents retired, they decided they wanted to travel. They found an ideal job that allows them to travel for free, but the only catch is they have to stay at Holiday Inns. During each stay, they test all the amenities offered by the motel and evaluate each. The evaluation forms are sent to the motel headquarters where it becomes part of the motel’s __________ systems. ------------------------------------------------- A. Accountability information system (AIS) B. Marketing intelligence C. Experiential research data D. Marketing research ------------------------------------------------- 3. Which of the following is an example of primary data that would be used by Topps card company to determine popularity of its new hologram baseball card series? ------------------------------------------------- A. Sales records for baseball cards gathered by the industry’s trade council. B. Data from sales records kept by exclusive dealers of......

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