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Market is the most important part of any feasibility study; therefore, the researchers must have a valuable knowledge about the market. The researchers must know the factors that affect the market, demand and supply and service price.
With these things in mind, the researchers came up with the idea of something to offer to the customers that guaranty a good service. The researchers must also consider offering a service that is new to the market in order to be competitive.
In considering all those factors, the researchers finally thought of introducing G.B. Tambayan. In order to determine the demand of customers to the service that the researchers are going to offer, the researchers conducted a survey through questionnaires to prospective customers and indirect competitors. The results of the surveys that were conducted produced a positive result which gave the signal to pursue the study.

G.B Tambayan will be the first one-stop shop consisting of discussion room, mini-library, mini-canteen and Wi-Fi in a comfortable place where students can visit and do their brainstorming, school works, assignments and researches with an environment conducive for them in an atmosphere of peace, safe and wholesome place where students can develop their healthy and emotional growth and supportive environment for studying. The tambayan will give students a quality service that would assist them in their studies and have efficient and effective learning process. A. Name of the Service
G.B. Tambayan is the name of the business. The G.B. stands for Gene and Bernard, who are the owners of the business. A tambayan in English dictionary means ‘a place to hang-out’. It is a temporary shelter where they can discuss their assignments while the business can provide them food, coffee, books and internet access.

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