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Lodgepole Creek Certified Organic Foods

Market Research Plan

For Dr. Bensen

Prepared by: Stephanie Disney


Executive Summary of research and findings
Lodgepole Creek Certifies Organic Foods would like to know who they should be marketing to, in order to receive the best results for their company's success. They would also like to know how to best appeal to this marketing mix to gain their loyalty and to compete within the market. Three research objectives are identified: who should Lodgepole Creek's marketing mix consist of; research should be done to see how Lodgepole Creek can gain their loyalty. Researching and understanding what consumers want from organic sprouting companies will also help in solving the problem of competing within the market.

Lodgepole Creek is the only organic sprouting company in the Nebraska Panhandle that offers its customers with a wide variety of products to include: alfalfa, sunflower, clover, bean and pea mix, lentils, wheat grass, and a "hot mix" of radish, cabbage, and mustard sprouts. Sprouts are one of the most complete and nutritional of all foods that exist.

Adults between the ages of 20-40 years old who are single, single with children, married, and married with children should be the focus of Lodgepole Creek's advertising, keeping in mind that women do most of the household and grocery shopping. Single adults are trying to look their best, while older adults are wanting to feel their best, and eating healthy plays a large role in that process. Adults with children are also starting to go green when it comes to feeding their children; and like to purchase organic foods. They are even willing to pay extra for these foods.

Most people say they would like to grow their own organic sprouts. It has even been suggested that Lodgepole Creek bag their seeds and made…...

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