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HEAVY EDIT JetBlue Airlines: Getting “Blue” again?*

JetBlue posted a net income $97 million in 2010. The airline continues to pursue its goal of becoming ―the Americas‘ Favorite Airline‖ and aims attainting positive free cash flow and long term sustainable growth while maintaining adequate liquidity position. Financially, the airline was far better than after the Valentine day fiasco in February 2007 and subsequent loss of $84 million in 2008. It focuses on controlling costs, maximizing unit revenues, managing capital expenditures and aims at achieving disciplined growth (see Exhibit 1).1

However, in the recent years, JetBlue appears to be moving away from its core strategy, in quite interesting ways, of being a low-cost player providing the distinctive ―JetBlue experience.‖ In its efforts to boost revenues, the airline began charging $10 to $20 for seats with extra legroom, doubled its ticket-change fee to $100, and introduced refundable tickets that cost more than nonrefundable ones. Further, the airline began charging $7 for a pillow-and-blanket kit, an amenity usually provided free of charge by other airlines.2 Breaking another low-cost rule, JetBlue moved away from ticket sales through its own Web site and signed up with travel agencies and the Galileo and Sabre global distribution systems in August 2006 and with online travel agencies such as Orbitz in January 2008. Further, it sold approximately 42.6 million shares of common stock to Deutsche Lufthansa, the German carrier, in January 2008 which indicates a move away from its ‗growing alone‘ strategy3 and also forged an interline agreement with Virgin Atlantic. With the interline agreement, passengers on JetBlue will be able to connect through Boston, New York, Washington to catch flights to London Heathrow on Virgin Atlantic. JetBlue customers connecting in Orlando will be able to fly to London's Gatwick…...

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