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The problem in this case is that Marie did not acquire Jane’s inherited referent power, which is triggering conflict among colleagues resulting in negative side effects.

● The two senior secretaries developed and shared similar values, accepting Marie’s work ethic and job responsibilities was a struggle for them and is leading to strained relationships.
● Jane’s influence was so strong that after a few weeks they actually had an exorcism. Due to Jane being held to such high esteem, Marie’s stature and position are constantly under fire.
● The staff thinks Marie should stay in reading and writing all day instead of attending meetings because that was more in line with Jane’s role. Therefore, conflict surrounding how Marie is spending her time is occurring.
● When Marie wanted to correct an ethical mistake regarding her schooling that Chuck had dictated, because of Theresa’s personal perceptions she became very upset and saw it as burning a bridge.
● Maria unfairly complained to Chuck about Marie because there was a jurisdictional dispute between the two of them about missing a deadline.

The solution to the problem we have identified is to eliminate the negative impacts of conflict between Marie and colleagues by restructuring interdependence by clarifying existing relationships.

● By communicating openly about Marie’s position and expectations, a difference between Jane and Marie’s positions can be established and understood by the entire workforce.
● Determining and implementing a successful chain of interdependence will reduce conflict and help strengthen everyone’s understanding of how and why they are connected.
● Clarification of roles will reduce political indeterminism and help Marie to mitigate schisms and make integrating the COG office successful.

1. At the staff meeting, Marie should address her concerns about…...

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