Manager's Dilemma

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Manager’s Dilemma

Law, Ethics, & Corp. Governance

Professor Muhammad

October 27, 2012

As manager and supervisor of the accounting department it is very important that our firm meets its deadlines and assists all clients with the best service possible. It is my responsibility to make sure that the needs of the clients are met with regards to completing tasks. When one of my employees was having a difficult time learning the accounting software that is necessary for completing the job duties, I pulled the employee aside to address the issue. This was important because this individual shows up on time to work everyday and has an excellent work ethic. I spent additional time with the young lady, to zero in on what the problem was for the individual, so that we could address it together. When the situation started to get to the employee, she became concerned and discouraged that she may lose her job. I wanted to work closely with her to get to the core of the issue and make some key adjustments. After I worked with her and gave her additional training, it showed me that she might need to work on another project or department, because she was not learning some key fundamentals in the computer application.
This scenario is one that unfortunately comes up time and time again. Individuals, who are late to work frequently, are creating habits early that are hard to break. After repeatedly pulling this employee to the side and explaining to them what our company’s late policy is, and how they haven’t been following it, I began to realize the pattern. One day, after several times being late, I spoke to the employee about what is to be expected of them. Showing up on time is a very important part of what we do here at the company. It shows first off that you are serious about being here. When I showed the expectations and job requirements that…...

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