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Centre for Central Banking Studies Bank of England

Foreign Exchange Reserves Management

John Nugée

Handbooks in Central Banking no.19

The series of Handbooks in Central Banking has grown out of the activities of the Bank of England’s Centre for Central Banking Studies in arranging and delivering training courses, seminars, workshops and technical assistance for central banks and central bankers of countries across the globe. Drawing upon that experience, the Handbooks are therefore targeted primarily at central bankers, or people in related agencies or ministries. The aim is to present particular topics which concern them in a concise, balanced and accessible manner, and in a practical context. This should, we hope, enable someone taking up new responsibilities within a central bank, whether at senior or junior level, and whether transferring from other duties within the bank or arriving fresh from outside, quickly to assimilate the key aspects of a subject, although the depth of treatment may vary from one Handbook to another. We hope they will also be helpful to those with some experience, but who are facing new problems as the economy and markets develop. While acknowledging that a sound analytical framework must be the basis for any thorough discussion of central banking policies or operations, we have generally tried to avoid too theoretical an approach. The Handbooks are not intended as a channel for new research. We have aimed to make each Handbook reasonably self-contained, but recommendations for further reading may be included, for the benefit of those with a particular specialist interest. The views expressed in the Handbooks are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Bank of England. We hope that our central banking colleagues around the world will continue to find the Handbooks useful. If others with an interest in central…...

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