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1、value chain:ebay success is to contact the buyer and seller market, providing a global new online trading platform, anyone can carry a variety of products traded through this platform. Whether traditional industries and emerging networks must convert a way of thinking, that is, the ability to provide customer value. Competitive forces: The company now sells a staggeringly diverse array of goods and is one of the world’s most easily recognizable and well-known Web sites. eBay is a favorable proposition for smaller sellers to find markets for rare goods, or goods that are otherwise difficult to value.
The company reduced posting fees for adding an item online and increased the collection fee for sold items.In August 2008, eBay lowered its listing fees for all sellers offering fixed-priced items under its “Buy It Now” format.
EBay adjusted its search ordering system so that highly rated merchants appear first and receive more exposure.
Roll out a rating system that made acquiring a high rating a much more time-consuming undertaking, favoring larger sellers with the time and energy to build a favorable rating. eBay’s growth strategy focused on expansion in geography and scope and on continuing innovation to enhance the variety and appeal of products in its sites.
2、Business model:brokerage model:Cyber Age through virtual network platform to bring together buyers and sellers of supply and demand information, coordination of their supply and demand and the payment of transaction costs market intermediaries Business strategy:People are basically good values:We believe that people are basically good、We recognize and respect each person is unique、
We need to encourage interaction with others empathy、We believe Integrity

EBay Fine-Tunes Its Strategy
Since its inception ,eBay has been synonymous with Internet auctions. It had much revenue in 1998 to 2008…...

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