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Morning Guard:

Commencing around 0250hrs. Rostered hours – 0300hrs to 1130hrs
½ Hour meal at approximately 0830hrs.
Off duty 1130hrs after change over and briefing oncoming guard.

Unlock and re-lock main gates on entry, unlock gatehouse, sign on in log book and time sheet. Ring mobile night guard let him know you are on site, ring SMC, and let them know you are on site, getting the name of the operator and logging it, disarm alarms in both Warehouse and Administration, (either set of two panels is all that is necessary). Turn all lights on as instructed, commence internal and patrol, unlock side gates and open, unlock manual lock on front sliding doors to reception. (Await Duty Manager to arrive.)

When above is completed re-open main gates, (one needs to be secured open with small chain) meet and greet staff (from approximately 0400hrs on) and commence logging trucks, Toll Fast vehicles and couriers etc. Log all casual, contractor and staff, who need access cards in register, remember to issue correct card, ie: warehouse/casual card – admin/staff card/Contractors.

All staff, visitor and contractor vehicles are to be searched on leaving the site ie. Boot and wheel well, glove box, consol and behind front seats. Note: This applies to all staff. Random ID checks at least once a week if possible. Bag searches when possible of outgoing staff.



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