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McDonald’s “Seniors” Restaurant

In the study of the briefing of the McDonald’s Restaurant, there are positives to the problem and negatives towards the problem. A McDonald’s in a city crowded with seniors are overwhelmed with senior customers during the early hours of the day. The senior come in as a meeting area where they eat and commune at the restaurant. The number of seniors that come in, crowds the dining area in which customers come in and eat. They come in on the fourth Monday of every month to get extra special, over the age of 55 discounts. This is a meal that cost 1.99 and free coffee refills. The staff knows the seniors very well and go to see them if they are hospitalized. The relationship is considered a good one between the staff and the seniors. In addition, a idea of adding bingo to add to the excitement of the mornings for the seniors from nine to eleven a.m. Using the party room would accommodate up to 150 senior patrons.

A primary problem to this case study is the senior crowd. The restaurant already takes on the task of having enough room to seat the entire dining style crowd, if it engages in bingo than the crowd will become even more outrageous. Not only will the restaurant have the meeting crowd they will have a bingo crowd as well. Meaning, that more senior crowd will come in ready and only ready to engage in bingo. A secondary problem would be the title of the restaurant would be at risk. The fast food label may become a social restaurant, common to a bar status. It may take on the name of the “old people’s restaurant”. This will detour many of the younger customers and the customers who are coming to get the fast food service. The restaurant will face over crowding due to the new additions (bingo).

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Seniors are mainly the people who enjoy doing activities such as…...

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