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Nowadays, the smartphone has become a vital tool for all of the college students. We are always keeping staring in the smartphones as sending Wechat messages, which we always do in any conditions. There is no doubt that it goes without saying that smartphones bringing us convenience and comfort in our daily life, nevertheless, they have some negative effects on college students' life. It is universally acknowledged that the world is so big that it makes us can't communicate with others whenever we want and wherever we are. But with development of science and technology, the world becomes more and more small. We can contact our families and friends by various APPs in smartphone. We can use the smartphone to study online, such as searching something online and reading the majority of information from news APP. If you are lost yourself in a strange place, you can also use smartphone's GPS to locate yourself and then finds the way to go home by smartphone's help. The smartphones have been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. It not only has brought us a lot of benefits but also has created some serious problems as well. And just like everything has both its good and bad sides, smartphone also has its own disadvantages, for example we might be the addict it. Smartphones can harm our college students. We use it so frequently that we are easily addicted to playing smart phones. This especially happens in class, where we look at our screen and send WeChat messages despite knowing that we're missing many of the classes' important points. As a result, we don't understand the content that taught by teachers in the class and can't pass the final tests. What's more, many students playing the phone, which leads to they doesn't have enough time to rest. In the end, we must say the smartphone is a double faces guy. You want to use full of it or use…...

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