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First and foremost i wanted to congratulate you for this very special milestone that you have achieve this is something worth celebrating for and worth more than anything we could imagine this is something to be proud of, having said that im very much proud of you and of what you have achieve as an individual, this would be a start of something new; a journey to another realm of life, a street to another new beginning, alot of doors will open for you and opportunities would come knocking up your door. I know this is kind of unusual for me and to be honest this would be the first time na gagawa ako ng sulat para sa isang espesyal na tao sa buhay ko. Well i did alot of first for you and will be willing to do more and more in the near future.
I am sitting all day in front of the table thinking of what to say, then i started going back to how i met you it was December we’ve known each other for so long, i never had imagine the turns of event that lead me to this very moment. I met the most amazing girl, a girl worth dying for, a girl worth sacrifing everything! Ewan ko kung destiny bay un o leap of faith o isang malaking accidente lang pero isa lang ang alam ko yung araw na yun Masaya ako! At bawat araw matapos ang araw na magkakilala tayo ay walang sing saya, I was blessed, very much blessed di ko alam paano ako magpapasalamat noon kay God everytime I pray I end up crying, before I go to bed I end up thanking God for such a wonderful blessing.
Ang daming nangyari ambilis ng mga bagay bagay next thing I knew I was sitting beside you looking at your eyes, looking at your lips, looking at every detail of your face so that where ever I am I could remember you even if we’re miles away i could still be able to see you everytime I close my eyes. I am remembering your perfume, trying to make it linger so I could still imagine you being near me with the help of that distinct…...

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...I’ve kept this for so long… was too bashful then. Now lost times haunt me big time (yet bashful still). I’m not expecting a reply for this, no more. I mean, first of all, you hardly know me and I’m not even sure if you still remember me. I just don’t wanna deprive you of the due compliment. The fact that I’ve sent this, it already paid it all actually. The sentiment, the time, and the other ones indescribable, they were given justice at the instant. And so I thank you. As I’ve mentioned in the letter, I hope this serves a thing of inspiration to you (well, at the most). My only prayer is that this crap will hopefully make you more feel good about yourself; even for just a little or even for a single second perhaps. There’s really nothing much I can do now to return the favor back but this. You seem to have all things by far. Ako naman, I got everything to offer that is when pigs fly. I should have given this during the Joy Luck Club time. The original letter is preserved since then, except for the month stuff… you’ll see. A little look back from those times will probably help you understand some jargon. Ooh by the way, if you’re wondering, I got your account from the people search engine via the UP site… and definitely with some help from a friend named Marnie. Hope you don’t mind. Ei just to clarify, I’m no stalker here. Needed to say that, you might be freaked out. Ding! Another offense. Did some net surfing just lately and also found out curly......

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...Creating Texts: Letter Writing By Lachlan Reid – 989856 August 26, 1991 (letter ONE) Dear Charlie, I wish I could send you this letter, but I understand why you wish that I don’t know you. I want you to know that I will try to figure out who you are, I’ve always liked to know who I am writing to and I’m sorry for that. I promise that if I find you, I will not approach you, I will simply leave the replies to your letters for you, I may see you but you won’t see me. Promise me not to be mad, please? I will always reply to your letters, I believe that’s what you should do with letters, don’t you? As you tell me about your life, I will tell you about mine. I can already tell that we may be more similar than you may think and have experienced events in our short lives that may also be similar. I’m sorry to hear about your friend Michael, I can only imagine how his suicide has affected you. I have never experienced the loss of someone to suicide, although I have lost family members who were very close to me. I’ve seen school counsellors who tell me that “time heels grief and the pain”, but some days I wonder if the grief and pain will ever go away. I hope you never think of killing or hurting yourself Charlie, you appear to be an intellectual person, who many people would miss if you were gone. I think it’s good to cry, not all the time and for no reason, but sometimes things hurt so badly that we can’t help but cry. I know after I’ve had a cry, I often......

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