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The Lost Spark
I still remember the days when I waited so long to see him. The days when I was really eager to be with him. The days when I loved seeing his face, his eyes, his smile. I miss the feeling. I miss those happy days - when we won’t fight; when we would say good morning and good night texts to each other; when we would smile at each other at the corridors. I miss it. I really miss it. I miss the feeling of being loved. I miss the feeling of loving.
But after those months that we’ve stayed together... somehow in that road, I lost the feeling. Maybe I still do like you. Maybe I still love you but because of certain matters, my love seems to be forgotten. My love for you seems to empty.
Distance. Yes those are one of the things that made me feel the lost spark. We wouldn’t see each other every day. We would only see each other once or twice a month. And when we do, we don’t really spend much time. Yes it may be my fault. But can’t you see? I just can’t put you in the center of my life.
I lost the spark that binds us together. I lost the spark that lets me remember that we love each other. I lost the spark we’ve kept for years. I lost the spark.
Yes it is my fault. I really believe it is. And I’m really sorry for it. I didn’t mean to. I never did. But maybe we were not meant just like how we thought we did. I always thought that the feeling wouldn’t fade away but during the course of our lives, it slowly did. Believe me, I’m sorry. Believe me, I am still trying. I still want us to be back and I am trying until now that my feelings will come back. I’m sorry. I really am. And maybe somewhere and sometime, you will learn to forgive me. Always remember that if we are really meant for each to other, we will really…...

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