Lorenzo's Machiavellian Caharacter

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Lorenzo's Machiavellian Character

What is Machiavellianism?
It is a type of character who has an evil and deceitful character. This character is ready to do anything possible moral or immoral in order to get to power, or to fulfill his wishes. Who is using clever ways of scheming to deceive and manipulate others around him. Of course this process is without the realization of those who have been manipulated. Therefore, Machiavellianism is considered to be an amoral principle which is why "The end justifies the means." According to Machiavellianism it is alright to take advantage of the others in order to get what you want.
Machiavellianism is one of the important themes in tragedy plays as major themes. Therefore, "The Spanish Tragedy" which is the first revenge tragedy in English literature, written by Thomas Kyd during the Elizabethan age. In this play a Machiavellian villain plays an important role in making troubles and taking advantage of the others throughout the drama.
Lorenzo is the Cyprian Duke's son and the nephew of King of Spain. Lorenzo is a fine image of a Machiavellian reprobate and manipulative person. He uses his language cunningly. Simply, Lorenzo makes the use of his verbal slyness to lead the individuals around him to disgrace, because of their weak points and absence of knowledge. Therefore, he is an inhumane, eager, and misleading man; who tries to advance a marriage between his sister Bellimperia and the Portuguese ruler Balthazar.
Spain and Portugal were at war which the Spaniards won it. Then Balthazar conveyed back to Spain as the joint hostage of Horatio and Lorenzo. After an argument over his captive, Balthazar admits that both Lorenzo and Horatio have held him as a prisoner. Balthazar says that I surrendered myself to Lorenzo in courtesy. He spoke to me kindly and promises me to live if I surrender. Therefore, "He won my love",…...

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