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Library Activity – Article Analysis
U.S. Coffee Consumption Patterns
ECO/365 Principles of Microeconomics
September 30, 2013

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U.S. Coffee Consumption Patterns

The article “U.S. Coffee Consumption Patterns” selected for this assignment was found in the University Library website using the keywords; Trends in consumption patterns, coffee. According to the U.S. Coffee Shop Market report recently published by Mintel Consumer Intelligence, two-thirds of respondents drink coffee away from home at least occasionally. Driving coffee shops' success is consumer demand for quality and convenience. Fifty-eight percent of respondents who regularly buy coffee at a coffee shop said coffee shops offer better quality coffee. However, only one-third of all respondents said they think coffee shops sell better coffee than those of their competitors. As for convenience, only 37 % of consumers who purchase their coffee at coffee shops instead of brewing it at home normally go to the closest coffee shop. The research conducted to find this article is as follows; I researching the University Library, selected EBSCOhost Source, under the General Resources Tab. EBSCOhost resource is appropriate for courses in ALL subjects, according to the University Library. I selected the following databases to search in; Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, EconLit, Education Source, Education Resource Information Center (ERIC), Professional Development Collection and Research Starters – Education. After…...

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