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Keasha Scott HRM-595 Negotiation Skills
11/26/13 Marilyn and Len exchanges

1. What are the objectives of both parties in the exchanges?
Both parties want to impress their respective organizations with their negotiation performance, but they are both also trying to gain the concession they each feel they deserve out of the exchange as well. However they came to the table with the intention of holding different type of negotiations. Marilyn wanted a win-win situation, whereas Len was prepared for a win- lose situation. 2. How would you describe the general "tone" of the exchanges?
Len took the stronger position in the negotiations and he used a hostile, threating tone probably to intimidate his opponent and to give himself leverage throughout their exchanges. Marilyn, on the other hand, was defensive and reserved, mainly because I think she came to the negotiation table with the intention of them working together and sharing the accounts. 3. Were Marilyn's objectives on the way to being effectuated in the first exchange?
I do not think that Marilyn’s objectives were on the way to being invoked in the initial exchange because of her docile attitude. She allowed herself to be intimidated more so because she was unprepared more than just the fact she’s a female. Len used some blocking methods and put Marilyn in a position where she felt it necessary to defend her performance and abilities. By cutting her off constantly and bulling her throughout the exchange Marilyn was not able to effectively negotiate her objectives.

4. Were Len's objectives on the way to being effectuated in the first exchange?
I would have to say that they were because he came into the…...

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