Legalization Would Be a Beautiful Thing.

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Legalization would be a beautiful thing.

Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

On Thursday, 24TH of Oct 2013 The Huffington Post reported that a Gallop poll released on Tuesday showed that Americans for the first time in history, are more in favor of legalizing marijuana than criminalizing it with 58 percent in favor of allowing the plant to be legal. 2013 has been a changing mark in the success of legalizing marijuana. Two States passed a law decriminalizing the drug. Both Colorado and Washington passed laws to decriminalize the drug. Which is my first reason in many why marijuana should be legal? * Marijuana should be legal for so many reasons more than it should stay illegal. I will start with the fact that no one has ever died from an overdose of marijuana. We have millions of people dying of cancer and other various diseases due to legal prescription drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. In 2010, 38,329 people died from drug overdoses. Prescription drugs make up sixty percent of that. In that same year, 25,692 people died from causes related to alcohol. People cause way more harm to themselves and to others on these items than on marijuana Alleviation of a lot of medical ailments is the greatest reason for usage and legalization of marijuana. Medical marijuana is a pain saving miracle to a lot of people today in the world. A Discovery Health Article, reports marijuana has been extremely successful in relieving nausea and vomiting as a side effect of chemotherapy for patients suffering from cancer as a side effect of chemotherapy. The drug also helps with people who have loss of appetite due to diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, it helps relax muscle tension, spasms and chronic pain as well as stress.

* The government has failed to control the use and domestic production of marijuana. The have tried to use criminal…...

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...Tobacco | 435,0001 | Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity | 365,0001 | Alcohol | 85,000 1 | Microbial Agents | 75,0001 | Toxic Agents | 55,0001 | Motor Vehicle Crashes | 26,3471 | Adverse Reactions to Prescription Drugs | 32,0002 | Suicide | 30,6223 | Incidents Involving Firearms | 29,0001 | Homicide | 20,3084 | Sexual Behaviors | 20,0001 | All Illicit Drug Use, Direct and Indirect | 17,0001, 5 | Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Such As Aspirin | 7,6006 | Marijuana | 07 | Since the 1930’s there have been many debates about hemp and its legalization. There is a lot of propaganda behind marijuana, but if there is one fact that should be known about marijuana it’s that it is the most medicinal plant on our planet. With information provided by Rick Simpson from Phoenix Tears, it is obvious that Hemp is the best medicine ever presented to man. With the information provided by Rick Simpson it is evident that hemp should be legalized for medicinal purposes so people can cure themselves. Rick Simpson is the founder of the Phoenix Tears Foundation and has re-discovered a very effective healing treatment processed from the resin that grows on hemp and created that resin into hemp oil. His hemp oil has brought many terminal patients off of their death beds. Rick’s hemp oil has cured skin conditions, cancer, diabetes, infections, glaucoma, arthritis, chronic pain, burns, ulcers, warts, moles, practically anything to do with mutating cells, migraine headaches...

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