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Learning Team Reflection: Week 2
March 4, 2015
Jean Goodman

Learning Team Reflection: Week 2 Arthur Anderson was a leading accounting firm in 2002 and the organization was destroyed that same year A number of mistakes were made by Arthur Andersen leading to the failure of the organization; these were portrayed in the case, “A Sad Tale: The Demise of Arthur Anderson”. Arthur Anderson became commonly known for the motto “Think Straight and Talk Straight” (Parrino, Kidwell, & Bates, 2012). This motto served as an ethical guideline for the organization.
Mistakes Made within the Organization Arthur Andersen quickly fell victim to accounting scandals within the accounting practice. The first mistake made within the organization was due to financial conflicts between the auditing department and the consulting department. Some of the consulting clients were also auditing clients and when the consulting departments profits exceeded the auditing departments profits, this created a conflict of interest. Maintaining the separation between these departments and the funds would have alleviated this issue. Another mistake made by the organization was the unethical act of forcing auditors to sell consulting contracts to their clients. This led to the largest mistake of reporting false information; the SEC charged Arthur Andersen with obstruction of justice, as the organization was found guilty of falsifying documents relating to Enron’s financial records.
Actions to Prevent the Organizational Failure
Leadership within Arthur Andersen had several options available to prevent the organization from failing. First, a code of conduct should have been developed and implemented, requiring all employees to abide by this code. Additionally, the company should have kept the consulting and auditing departments separate, ensuring the profits remained separate as well. They…...

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