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College education: large university or small college?
Having a college degree today is an asset when applying for a decent job. Higher education is very expensive; it is a hard decision for parents and students when it comes to chose whether they will attend a large university or a small college. A large university and a small college have the same goals which are to educate, train, and develop students in their different fields, but they are also different in terms of class size, quality of teachers and tuition cost. It is important to have a good look at these different factors in order to chose between a large university and a small college when deciding what is the best for a student.
According to a recent study, the average number of students per class in some large universities is around 400 to 500 students per class. Students always argue that the atmosphere inside the classroom is very good. They have the opportunity to exchange ideas with a large number of others students who are taking the same course. The inconvenient part is that students most of the time do not really interact with their teacher. Also students do not have to attend class or to participate and the teacher would not even notice. The number of students in small college is around 15 to 40 students per class. Most of the time, students know each other. They build a personal relation with their teacher. The disadvantage of small class is that, there is less competition compare to a big classroom. Some students would not see the challenge and that sometime will impact the quality of teaching.
There are more professors with more experience that teach at large universities than in small colleges. This is advantage for students to be taught by someone who knows what he or she is talking about. The problem with large universities is that they have graduate programs and most of the time grad…...

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